The goal of Loconomy is to build a localized, decentralized network between producers and consumers that promotes human-to-human connection and helps us to usher in an era of sustainability and resilient local communities.

We will achieve this goal by creating an ownership structure that does not exploit, but instead offers a vast, decentralized option for co-ownership and co-governance with local communities.

Localize supply chains

Loconomy seeks to not only accelerate the connection between local producers and consumers, it seeks to make buying and selling local, sustainable products as easy as possible, by providing a streamlined ecommerce platform. This will attract buyers and sellers who do not want the hassle of direct sales, which currently involves multiple steps to locate one another and myriad different platforms for completing sales. The goal is to capture not only the market currently using buy local social media groups, but to make buying this way so easy that more people choose to purchase this way. The goal is to fortify localized goods and services in advance of another crisis that will challenge the structure of globalized markets.

Build community

The proposed platform seeks to make ethical consumption easy through crowdsourced vetting, but it also has the explicit goal of building actual communities through sustainable consumption. The goal is for consumers and producers to co-create, through the marketplace, all the goods and services a community would need locally. The goal of the platform is to help potential producers see the marketplace for their goods or services in their local area, making entry into sustainable business easier. The goal is to connect real people who can work together to solve real problems the arise from re-making local economies: from sharing seeds to backyard chicken tips to where to source regeneratively produced leather or where to find natural dyes for art. This technology is simply a tool to develop decentralized resilient communities who both produce and consume ethically and support each other through ongoing relationships in the process.

Create jobs

The goal of this technology is to lower the barrier to entry for those looking for a new economic livelihood in the face of economic contraction and austerity. The platform will make it possible to assess the marketplace and experiment with different ways of making a living in the local economy. With this platform, it will be easy to see what kind of income you can generate from your garden or workshop or services you can provide. The platform incentives sustainable production, so it will make pursuing high-quality practices lucrative. From new, small-scale home producers to local Loconomy ambassadors, to those offering local transport of goods, we envision an entire new economic ecosystem that pays living wages and produces quality material goods necessary for local resilience.

Promote sustainability

The solutions to our ecological crisis are myriad, diverse, and sometimes locally-specific. We have many options to explore and develop.

This can include anything from cooperative housing to bike lanes to community repair events to preventing wasted food to gleaning to worker-owned cooperative businesses. The challenge is not a lack of ideas for ushering in a sustainable future, the challenge is a lack of social and political infrastructure to enact change.

Research suggests that as community members connect to solve an identified problem, other ideas and innovations inevitably arise. For example, as people seek to troubleshoot backyard chickens, they inevitably begin talking about other initiatives with community members such as cooperative housing, seed sharing, tool libraries, bartering and more. This platform seeks to foment such cross-pollination by utilizing individuals’ desire to consume ethically to connect them with others who can then collectively develop the social and political capital to tackle structural initiatives.