Welcome to Loconomy

Hi there!

Welcome to loconomy! We are working to advance local economies. We hope one day you will be able to find most of what you need right where you live, shopping almost exclusively locally. How great would that be?!

At loconomy we want to see an economy that is sustainable, local, and fair. We like to think of ourselves as the anti-Amazon. All the money spent with local businesses goes directly back into the community.

Local merchants are people who go out on a limb to follow their dreams. They make some really cool stuff and offer valuable services, and they need our support in these challenging times.

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We are currently enrolling Loconomy Ambassadors.

Ambassadors will be part of a small, invited team that will lead in the effort to understand the strengths and pain points for commerce in their local areas.

Ambassadors will be invited to a workspace where they will be collaborating and community organizing with other local leaders in surveying the landscape and building the relationships needed to usher in a future of robust local economies!